Michael Bay’s encore for Victoria’s Secret

One year ago, Hollywood director Michael Bay directed a Christmas advertisement for Victoria’s Secret, and did a great job by incorporating his bigger-than-nature style in the ad, making it so big and cliché that it made it funny. Well, the woman lingerie brand seems to have been satisfied with last year’s ad, because they called Mr. Bay to do this year’s Holiday commercial again.

Say what you want about Michael Bay (and believe me, I probably have said worse myself), but the guy still directs some of the biggest movies budget-wise in the entire world, so he must have some kind of hidden talent, right? Well, I think we finally found it, and it lies in underwear commercials!

Bay just put together, from my point of view, the perfect underwear commercial from both a male and female perspective. The setups are majestic, the lighting effects are out of this world and the girls are just pristine. From Adriana Lima, to Lily Aldridge, to Candice Swanepoel, macho-me would say this is some Sterling Silver quality meat in this advertisement. I think any girl looking at this ad can’t help herself but envying the glamorous environments and styles in which these more-than-perfect models are set in, and every guy in the world just wants his girlfriend to look as badass and sexy as the Victoria’s Secret angels. The fast-paced editing and rock-electronica music is also very male-oriented, making the commercial an instant success to the man-market.

My personal favorite setups are clearly the windowed-space with huge white curtains falling from the ceiling, the millionaire-mansion with intense strobe lights and of course, the in-your-face roses throw from the girl in black underwear. Those are just incredibly beautiful images that will tend to be overlooked because of the beauty of the models, but I congratulate you Mr. Bay on a job well done. You’ve proved the world wrong, once again.

Here are some behind-the-scenes videos for you to enjoy also:


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