Worst ad of the year already ?

It’s kind of a shame that my first blog post of 2011 is a rant about an ad, but I couldn’t let this thing pass by. I just saw an ad for the furniture store, The Brick, and I think it’s going to be difficult to be removed from the throne of worst ad of the year.

The ad shows Hayley Wickenheiser walking in The Brick and starts shooting pucks at an old washer… Ok so let me figure this out. Did the ad agency think that just because Wickenheiser was in the commercial that it made it good ? If your “celebrity” has to wear her hockey jersey with her name written on the back, it MAY mean that this person isn’t famous enough to have a big impact in an ad. Honestly, I have much respect for Wickenheiser and I think she’s one of the best female hockey players ever, but let’s face it, less than 1/100th of Canadians know who she is, and I’m being generous here.

Now, why is there a 1997 washer in the middle of state-of-the-art front-load washers all around ? Because the producers were too cheap to afford one of those new ones to be beaten up by slap shots ? Doesn’t this make Samsung (the advertised product) look like an old company ?

And finally, why the hell is she shooting pucks at a washer ? Ah, right, because she’s a hockey player ! Of course, Crosby and company always shoot pucks in appliances stores to see if they’re good.

This ad just plain sucks. Shame on the ad agency that came up with this concept.


One response to “Worst ad of the year already ?

  1. What is the concept? Im so confused.
    You cant just walk into a furniture store and ruin appliances.
    Why does the sales guy pitch that old/cheap model?
    Did she bring the pucks?
    etc, etc, etc

    It makes her and The Brick look retarded.

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