Psyop’s Plain Extraordinary for Fage

Well yes, the masters did it again. Psyop released a new ad for Fage Yogurts, entitled Plain Extraordinary. The spot was produced under the guidance of Mullen agency in Boston. The 45-second spot is the first of many other 15-second ads to come in the following weeks. This launch spot shows both live-action shot and CG imagery of slow-motion yogurt and other fluids, morphing beautifully into various shapes.

The live-action footage was shot with the Phantom Flex, a high-speed recording camera able to shoot up to 2570 frames per second in full HD. Psyop shows once again why they’re the top production studio in the world, by mixing this footage with computer images that blend seamlessly with one another.

It seems every time I talk about Psyop I’m in a totally overwhelmed state, and frankly, you’re the one who’s not normal if you aren’t in that same state. Every spot that comes out of this studio is just impossibly well directed. The rendering is flawless, the soundtrack and voice-overs (when it applies) are powerful and moving, and the overall animation is the best I’ve seen in the countless CG spots I’ve watched in my life.

Honestly, have you ever been excited about a Yogurt advertisement ? I haven’t, until now, and this speaks for itself.


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