Nissan and TBWA for the new LEAF

TBWA released a new 60-second spot for the new Nissan LEAF, a 100% electric car to be released soon. TBWA targeted the fact that this car produces zero gas emission, therefore bringing up the slogan zero is worth everything, a clever play on words.

Even if I’m well aware of the poor state of the environment, I am also completely saturated by the quantity of marketing campaigns based on the “green” movement. I was afraid that this commercial was going to fall under that category too, but I was happily surprised once I finished watching the minute-long commercial.

I don’t know what it is with car commercials these days, but it’s like if they all entered in a writing battle, and it is producing some of the most incredible voice-overs in ads in recent years, for example, Cadillac’s Red-Blooded Luxury and Audi’s Art of Progress. This narration is nothing short of pure genius. The way they’re able to question the worthlessness of zero and to eventually bring us to understanding its great value in this particular situation is brilliant.

The imagery that supports this text is also very creative. Portraying various everyday shapes that create circle forms and editing them seamlessly is a beautiful way to illustrate this abstract-to-specific voice-over. It also gives you an acceptable dose of “green” imagery without overwhelming you with dying polar bears and crumbling glaciers.

Great work.


One response to “Nissan and TBWA for the new LEAF

  1. the performance of the vehicle is quite impressive and the design is in such way that offers good driving capability as well.

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