Sam Brown for the Audi A1

Sam Brown, the mastermind behind Jay-Z’s incredible On To The Next One video, comes back with a similar visual signature for Audi’s new A1 car.

The rhythm of the ad is spectacular, leaving your eyes stuck to the screen during this 45-second commercial that you wished lasted for an hour. Brown once again makes use of abstract black & white cinematography, something we rarely see nowadays in car commercials. The total absence of voice-over and hard electronic music is also something that car companies don’t tend to go for with their soundtracks.

From what I’ve read on the Audi website, the imagery perfectly illustrates the concept of the A1: a performant compact car that has character, while having the advantage of being light on fuel consumption.

But clearly, what impressed me the most throughout this ad is the scale effect. Every environment in which the footage is shot looks absolutely huge, which probably also transcends information about the car’s interior space.

Audi does it again.


2 responses to “Sam Brown for the Audi A1

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  2. I really appreciate the challenge taken by mini car like Audi A1 (though powerful), the superchips, not only recognized for engine performance, but also for build quality, and style.

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