Plenty Humanwear Lookbook 2011

Back in November, I produced a teaser for Plenty Humanwear’s spring/summer line, called The Natural Path. Oriented towards environmental consciousness, the collection presents various pieces on which the designs focus on nature, and that was exactly the mood that was set for the teaser.

So, when it was time to officially launch the collection, Greg, the company’s founder, and I sat down and established somewhat of a complex plan to produce between 8 to 10 clips, each presenting one of the collection’s pieces through rather abstract, eco-imagery. Everything was going good, except for the time factor. Him being busy with sales and design, me being buried under dozens of projects at the office, we came to the conclusion that we had to find an alternative plan to release a video sooner than later, since spring was almost already over.

Luckily, we benefited from Greg’s birthday party, which was scheduled to be a camping weekend in a nearby National park, where all his friends/associates/models would be, in a perfect natural setup to fit the focus of the collection. I then took my shooting arsenal and met up with the crew for an afternoon of casual shooting.

Fortunately, the lighting was great. The sun was out along with a couple of clouds to put some contrast in the scenery, so I quickly decided to make the most out of it and find the angles that would render the best flares and shadows. I brought my good old Zeiss Planar 50mm 1.7, my lens that has the ability to create some of the most bizarre and interesting flares and light bursts, and after seeing how it reacted with the light in the forest, I decided to shoot mostly with that. While I was shooting video, two of my friends, Tony Verge and Phil Dionne were also shooting pictures for the Plenty website, and we managed to produce an incredibly high amount of quality imagery in a ridiculously short time-span.

Later on, when capturing the footage, I knew I had material to make something pretty cool for this new web advertisement. As much as I usually think that the T2i/DSLR footage in general looks cheap when looked at stock, this footage really looked stunning right out of the camera. It was contrasted, warm and it just exhaled summer.

Original footage

Graded footage

Once the editing was done, I tried a couple of looks in color grading, to finally go for the kind of vintage look I used also in the November teaser. As usual, it is unnoticeable because of the Vimeo compression, but the graded footage has a very neat grain that accentuates the look of it when you look at the uncompressed footage.

Apple ProRes 4444 footage

Vimeo h264 compression

The video is now embedded in Plenty’s website, surrounded by a mosaic of Tony and Phil’s best pictures they snapped during the weekend. The Natural Path collection is available in several shops in Quebec and also online, so check it out.

Here are some behind the scenes pics:

Myself rocking the shoulder pad…

…and looking at the results.

Coming back from a blinding flare attack.

Rocking the cowboy look.


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