Jonathan Desbiens, director

A Facebook contact of mine shared this morning a link to one of his friend’s website/portfolio. The person in question was Jonathan Desbiens, a film director from Shawinigan, QC, and a name I had often heard of but never really took the time to look at his work.

So, curious as always, I decided to check out Jodeb’s (his nickname) website, only to be completely astonished by its content. Not only is there some incredible cinematography among his many pieces, there is also some top-caliber 2D and 3D animation that would make heads turn at any big Californian studio. There is this kind of unique feel to all his shots that gets out of the very commercial mold that is a la mode these days. What is even more impressive is how young he is. Normally, I tend to leave the age factor out of anything, because in my mind, if you have talent, you have talent, no matter if you’re 10 or 60 years old. But this will be the exception on this statement, because his work shows a maturity that I have never seen in someone who is 25 years-old.

He’s also already working with some of the biggest production companies from Montreal (and elsewhere), like 401 and Alt Productions, and handling world-renown clients like Air Canada, Bell, and Geodezik, the company with who I worked on the Whitney Houston project in early 2010.

This really was a pleasant discovery this morning, and Jodeb just became someone I really look up to considering my age, and someone that I will make sure to follow his work closely.

Here is his demo reel.


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