IF3 Photoshoot

I was recently hired by Felix Rioux from IF3 (International Freeski Film Festival) to shoot their new teaser for the 5th edition of the festival, on which I will do another blog post later, because the vid is not yet finished, even less launched.

For an ex-ski-movie producer like me, this was a nice experience, because it involved shooting with some of the top names in freeskiing right now. I had the chance to shoot with skiing’s most decorated athlete, Tanner Hall, Sean Pettit, Henrik Harlaut and Paul Bergeron, who actually used to be in my movies back in the days.

At the same time, my mandate was also to snap a few pictures of the riders wearing the new Snooz Bandanas they’re putting out this year. Since this was a complement to the video shoot, we had very little time and means to do this photoshoot, so we really had to improvise with what was available around. Fortunately, there were some nice abstract paintings in the house where the riders were staying, so I was able to take them down and use them as backdrops.

I had no flash setup available, so I had to manage the ambient light that was inconstant at the end of the day.

I tried shooting with my Zeiss 50mm f1.7, but the small size of the backdrops was a pain for the lens’ focal length. I had to resort to my Canon 85mm f1.8, by far the lens I’m the least experienced with, because it’s a very hard lens to shoot video with, and that is clearly what I do the most with my T2i. I had a hard time handling the very sensible focus, even at f5.0. When I looked at the shots on my computer, many of the pics I thought were the best were finally a bit out of focus, but I was able to get a couple of very good ones.

Here are the 4 best:

Tanner Hall

Sean Pettit

Paul Bergeron

Henrik Harlaut


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