9/11: The 10th Anniversary of the world’s biggest lie

So here we are. 10 years earlier, I was sitting in a math class in high school when the teacher announced that Tower 1 of the WTC had collapsed to the ground. I was 14 years old, I didn’t really know what that meant.

It was the day that changed everything. It changed world politics, it changed our view of the Muslim people, it was the start of one history’s longest wars.

But then, people started asking questions. Questions that the US government didn’t want to answer, and still to this day, they haven’t. Questions like, why did 3 huge skyscrapers collapse at near free-fall speed because of fires in the upper floors, when no other burning building in history has ever collapsed ? Why is there no evidence of a plane crash in Shanksville , where flight United 93 supposedly crashed ? Where are the remains of the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon ? Why does the 10 000-page NIST report offer no information on the WTC collapse ?

America has been living a lie for the past 10-years. A lot of people have seen the evidence, but as long as the majority of the US people will live in ignorance of those facts, no answers are going to be provided.

Encourage your family and friends to look at the facts, watch the documentaries, look on the Internet. The “official” story we’re told just doesn’t add-up.

I pray I will live to see the day when the real people responsible for this tragedy will be brought to justice. In the mean time, my thoughts go to the lives lost on September 11th 2001, the families that were broken and the people who died in the multiple resulting wars.

Investigate 9/11.

Take a look at these links for more info

World for 9-11 Truth
Loose Change


3 responses to “9/11: The 10th Anniversary of the world’s biggest lie

  1. Je t’encourage fortement à regarder les 5 parties de l’échange suivant:

  2. C’est fait, je suis supposé changer d’avis après ça ? Popular mechanics disent “we’ve seen photos, we’ve talked to experts…”. Je ne vois aucune photo, je n’entends aucune citation de leurs experts…

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