Reseau Ferre de France

French agency W ATJUST and production company Paranoid teamed up to create a new advertisement for Réseau Ferré de France, which is the company responsible for the railway system in France.

Director Thierry Poiraud used the tilt-shift approach for the spot, a style achieved with an adjustable lens that lets you manipulate the depth of field of the image. The result, when accelerated, often gives an impression of miniature scenery, which is exactly what this ad goes for.

The tilt-shift cinematography is accompanied by great compositing of a hand that shapes the landscape as trains pass by, clearly delivering the message that RFF is always working on its infrastructures, while still making sure you arrive on time.

There is an interesting behind the scenes video (in French) on Vimeo that explains both the idea and creation of the campaign.


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