OneSize for O’Neill and Seb Toots

It’s no secret to anyone now, Quebec-native Seb “Toots” Toutant is now a force to be reckoned with in the snowboard industry. It’s no wonder then why O’Neill decided to make him the star of their new interactive video, conceived by Amsterdam-based studio OneSize.

The O’Neill video shows you Seb Toots riding the park, and let’s you decide which trick he is going to pull. So for example, when Seb comes up to a kicker, the video stops and asks you whether you want him to do a Cab 900 or a Double cork 1080. It is really well-made, and the soundtrack is really catchy. The motion design also fits the kind of video-game style this video is suppose to represent. What I’m not sure about is the 3-years-ago-over-used color-leave effect on Seb’s red sweater, reminding me of the movie Pleasantville. But I can get over that.

YouTube interactive videos have been created in the past, for example Patrick Boivin’s great B-Boy Joker and Batman. But O’Neill’s one seems particularly well-integrated. Sure, there is still the fast-forwarding in time and the fact that if you turn off captions it pretty much doesn’t work, but there is something really interesting in the concept of these videos.

I don’t know how people will respond to this video, but this type of project can really open the door for incredible opportunities in the very near future for interaction on multiple video platforms.

Only time will tell…


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