Fail by Prada

I’m all about creativity and originality. I’ve always encouraged people to do things differently and stepping out of the mold, but the line can be thin and blurry between extreme originality and complete ugliness. Well, the Prada marketing team chose the wrong side of that line for their latest Fall/Winter Lookbook.

This new video is just plain ridiculous. The image composition is disgusting, the compositing and “visual effects” are worse than what you would see in a 1982 Sci-Fi movie, and the animation is sub-par at every level. Honestly, if someone would send me his demo reel and it looked like that, I would ask myself if he was laughing at me. And even more, if I was to hand-in a project like this to a company with a stature like Prada, I would most likely quit video production forever and start my life over again in Bolivia.

There are ways and situations to simulate “cheap” animation to serve a purpose, but they are usually for humoristic projects, not to promote 1800$ handbags. Seriously, who are they trying to fool here ? Prada is an insanely-expensive haute-couture line, who do they think is buying their clothes ? Alternative-art-loving hipsters who usually shop at American Apparel ? Their market-study team should be fired and never be allowed to work in the fashion industry ever again. People who buy Prada are generally people with a shitload of money and who enjoy the Cover Girl ads that have been looking the same since 1996.

Sorry Prada, but this is one huge advertising failure.


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