Michael Bay switches styles for Victoria’s Secret

It’s become almost a tradition now for Hollywood-blockbuster director Michael Bay to direct the annual Victoria’s Secret Holiday advertisements. Since 2009, Bay has brought his bigger-than-nature, action-packed style to a fashion industry saturated with classical, glamorous imagery.

His past two advertisements with VS featured explosions, helicopters, deluxe cars, motor bikes, grandiose sets, hard rock soundtracks and a whole arsenal of action-movie features that actually brought more than just excessive sexiness to ads that would normally be redundant.

This year, Victoria’s Secret decided to ditch their previous slogan “One gift, a thousand fantasies”, and coincidentally, Bay also ditched the Transformers style and decided to go for a fashion ad, period.

Sure, the cinematography/lighting/photography is on point, the girls are lovely (screw monogamy, I’ll drive to Vegas right now and marry both Candice and Erin) and the sets are gorgeous, but so are they in any lingerie/perfume/haute-couture advertisement you see everyday on TV. The mood is also awfully slow, and if you’re going to release an extended 90-second version of your commercial, you better give your viewers something to keep their ADD-attention other than hot chicks in underwear (some will say that this is definitely enough, and I’m not going to argue with them honestly…).

Victoria’s Secret and Michael Bay had created a unique formula to completely separate them from other competitive brands, and they’ve made the mistake to fall right back in the same path as everyone else. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it…

Victoria’s Secret 2011 Holiday Commercial

Victoria’s Secret 2010 Holiday Commercial


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