Even though I have a very English name, I’m as french Canadian as anyone can be. “Then why an English blog ?” will you ask. Simple: most of my French-speaking friends understand English, while none of my English-speaking friends understand French !

I was born and raised in beautiful Quebec City, Canada, where I still live today. My interest for new media began at age 14, when I received my first camcorder at Christmas 2002, in order for my friends and I to film each other while freestyle skiing. This hobby quickly became a passion, and in April of 2003, our first ski-movie premiered at the local IMAX theater. For the next 4 years, under the name New Way Productions, the process repeated itself and the movies were shown in front of over-sold-out crowds every year, until, in February of 2007, our movie Snowy Delight won the “Best Rookie Film” award at the VAST Awards in Munich, the world’s largest ski-film competition, which I still consider as my lifetime achievement today.

Having developed skills in cinematography, editing and motion design over the years, I decided to continue my studies for 3 years in digital medias at 2 different schools in Quebec and Montreal, while still making one last ski-movie and doing some freelance at the same time. This time-consuming, yet amazing 3-year lifestyle ended in march of 2008, when I finally graduated and got hired at Nova Film, a young but quickly growing production office in Quebec City.

“After all this, what do you do for a living ?” will you ask… Well, as weird as it may seem, I like to call myself a Jack of all trades that is still perfecting himself in every domain he loves, whether it’s production, motion design, cinematography or directing. My business card reads “Director/Motion Designer” but honestly, I do pretty much anything except cleaning the toilets at Nova Film.

That’s it for me. As for my blog, well, this is gonna be your window to my head. I’ll post anything that catches my attention in the media domain, as well as my personal and business projects. If you say “wow, that is amazing !” to at least one post on here, then mission accomplished for me.