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Art & Copy

I’ve been wanting to check out this documentary for a while now, so I decided to get it on the iTunes Store tonight. Rarely do you have the chance to watch or read in-depth interviews with the big players in the advertising business, but this movie gathers a lot of them and gets their honest opinion out of them. I especially liked George Lois’ bold statements and borderline-arrogant personality, which shows us that creative people don’t have to be pretentious hipster artists who think they’re too good for normal people to understand them, as we see way too often these days. Dan Wieden, Jeff Goodby, Mary Wells and Hal Riney are just a few of the top agency directors that give their insight on the ad business.

The movie explores some of the biggest and most successful campaigns, like I want my MTV, Got Milk ?, Apple’s Think Different, Nike’s Just Do It and a bunch of others that have shaped advertising’s young but exciting history. At times I felt like there was maybe too much glorification of the people interviewed, but let’s face it, they are the business’ greatest, so why not throw flowers at them !

If you have any interest in advertising and marketing, and I guess you do if you’re reading this blog, take 90 minutes of your time to watch this great piece of documentary film. It is well directed and the interviews are genuinely interesting. It’s worth your time.


Target’s Liberty of London

Is it just me or is Target on another level of visual advertising right now ? In the 6-7 years I’ve watched publicity closely, I just can’t remember seeing one bad Target ad. They just all look amazing, and their latest one is no exception. For the launch of their partnership with fashion icon Liberty of London, they released a 30-second spot portraying people in bigger than nature environments.

This beautiful piece was created by Peterson Milla Hooks Advertising, a Minneapolis-based agency.

Ten best viral campaigns of 2009

Cool post twittered by The Cool Hunter. A top 10 countdown of the best viral marketing campaigns from 2009 on Stumbleupon.com. Some genius ideas in there. My personal favorite in terms of marketing/contact with client is definitely IKEA’s, who uploaded photos of showrooms on Facebook and let people tag themselves on items, which they automatically won if they were the first to tag themselves.

Take a look, they’re all terrific.