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Final Cut Pro X: Apple’s Failure

Dear Apple,

Today you released your much-anticipated, so-called “revolutionary” editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Being a FCP user since 2004, my expectations were high for this new release with all the hype that the software generated prior to its release. Even if FCP is a software I’ve opened pretty much every day for the past 2 555 days of my life, I thought it had many easily-fixable flaws, and the fact that much of these flaws have been present since version 4.5 made me think about switching to Adobe Premiere often. Being a hardcore Adobe After Effects user, it would have been a logical choice, but my knowledge and ease to work with FCP has kept me from doing the switch.

When I heard about all the new features of version X that were announced at NAB back in April, I was very excited. 64-bit engine, background rendering and much more were issues that needed to be adressed and you did. What you forgot to mention though, was that you would implement these new features at the detriment of already existing, essential ones. Yes, your magnetic timeline is amazing, the fact that everything we do is realtime is awesome, but in the end, those features only simplify my workflow, they don’t allow me to do things that were previously impossible.

But, removing the customizable interface, the OMF and XML import/export, the support for external monitors and the compatibility of third-party plug-ins did as much good to me as being hit by a speeding Audi R8 (geeky reference here). Those things that were so easy to do in the past are now non-existant, and for what reason ? They used to be there, don’t tell me you don’t have the technology to implement them in your “revolutionary” editing software… I’m seeing people say “these features will be available in upcoming updates of the software”. The problem is, I don’t care if these updates come out in a week or a month, I need them tomorrow morning to hand-in a project to serious clients who don’t give a damn about missing features in a software. Telling them “Look! I can apply effects in realtime now!” will not get them the OMFs they need, nor will it let me show them their project fullscreen on an external 37-inch LCD display, something I’ve been doing for the past 2 years.

Apple, you got absolutely murdered on Twitter today (take a look at the hashtag #finalcutprox or #FCP), by both amateur and top-name professional filmmakers. I hope you will have the respect to address them by releasing a statement or a press-release tomorrow and explain to the filmmaking community what kind of fiasco this new software is. What they need is not iMovie Pro, what they need is an upgraded version of an already working software. Sorry Apple, you had your chance and failed on this one.

FCP, we had some good times you and I, but now it’s time for us to continue on our own paths now:

For more info, take a look at these links:



Swix.tv Introduction

A couple weeks ago I released a little behind the scenes video of an opening title sequence I did for Swix.tv, without however showing off the final result. Well, now that Swix.tv has been launched, there’s no more secret to be kept, so here it is.

When finishing the video, the client and I came to the decision to change the soundtrack, to maybe better suit the intro to the targeted audience, because the intro is definitely not what you usually see in the freeskiing domain. I thought it’d be fun then to show you guys the original version. So here it is, my “Director’s Cut” of the Swix.tv intro.


Behind the scenes interview for Swix.tv

I recently did some work for Swix, who are releasing Swix.tv this January. They asked me to do the introduction for their webisodes, and I figured I might as well make a little behind the scenes video to show a bit how I work. I’ll release the full version with the music later on, when Swix.tv actually launches.

I’ll try to do more videos like this in the future, just so you guys always have an idea of how I see and create my projects. Now the only question is, did my hair get hit by a freaking train during this interview ?

CS5 is finally here and kicking some butt

It is finally here ! Adobe Creative Suite 5, running 64-bit on Mac OSX. I can’t believe it took that long for that feature to happen, but this is going to be game changing. Faster previews, renders, real-time editing and much more. There are a lot of other features that look quite amazing, but honestly, I won’t start to give them props before I’ve tested them. They all look cool on the video presentation, but in a real work flow situation, things can be different.

The Roto-Brush tool lets you draw a fairly accurate mask of the subject you want to rotoscope, and then After Effects automatically calculates the edges of the subject. Photoshop also has a cool Content-Aware Fill feature, that fills the background of an image on which you took off the subject. No more stamp tool, if it works as well as the presentation says of course…

There are a lot of other features, so check out the official website.