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Final Cut Pro X: Apple’s Failure

Dear Apple,

Today you released your much-anticipated, so-called “revolutionary” editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Being a FCP user since 2004, my expectations were high for this new release with all the hype that the software generated prior to its release. Even if FCP is a software I’ve opened pretty much every day for the past 2 555 days of my life, I thought it had many easily-fixable flaws, and the fact that much of these flaws have been present since version 4.5 made me think about switching to Adobe Premiere often. Being a hardcore Adobe After Effects user, it would have been a logical choice, but my knowledge and ease to work with FCP has kept me from doing the switch.

When I heard about all the new features of version X that were announced at NAB back in April, I was very excited. 64-bit engine, background rendering and much more were issues that needed to be adressed and you did. What you forgot to mention though, was that you would implement these new features at the detriment of already existing, essential ones. Yes, your magnetic timeline is amazing, the fact that everything we do is realtime is awesome, but in the end, those features only simplify my workflow, they don’t allow me to do things that were previously impossible.

But, removing the customizable interface, the OMF and XML import/export, the support for external monitors and the compatibility of third-party plug-ins did as much good to me as being hit by a speeding Audi R8 (geeky reference here). Those things that were so easy to do in the past are now non-existant, and for what reason ? They used to be there, don’t tell me you don’t have the technology to implement them in your “revolutionary” editing software… I’m seeing people say “these features will be available in upcoming updates of the software”. The problem is, I don’t care if these updates come out in a week or a month, I need them tomorrow morning to hand-in a project to serious clients who don’t give a damn about missing features in a software. Telling them “Look! I can apply effects in realtime now!” will not get them the OMFs they need, nor will it let me show them their project fullscreen on an external 37-inch LCD display, something I’ve been doing for the past 2 years.

Apple, you got absolutely murdered on Twitter today (take a look at the hashtag #finalcutprox or #FCP), by both amateur and top-name professional filmmakers. I hope you will have the respect to address them by releasing a statement or a press-release tomorrow and explain to the filmmaking community what kind of fiasco this new software is. What they need is not iMovie Pro, what they need is an upgraded version of an already working software. Sorry Apple, you had your chance and failed on this one.

FCP, we had some good times you and I, but now it’s time for us to continue on our own paths now:

For more info, take a look at these links:



Art & Copy

I’ve been wanting to check out this documentary for a while now, so I decided to get it on the iTunes Store tonight. Rarely do you have the chance to watch or read in-depth interviews with the big players in the advertising business, but this movie gathers a lot of them and gets their honest opinion out of them. I especially liked George Lois’ bold statements and borderline-arrogant personality, which shows us that creative people don’t have to be pretentious hipster artists who think they’re too good for normal people to understand them, as we see way too often these days. Dan Wieden, Jeff Goodby, Mary Wells and Hal Riney are just a few of the top agency directors that give their insight on the ad business.

The movie explores some of the biggest and most successful campaigns, like I want my MTV, Got Milk ?, Apple’s Think Different, Nike’s Just Do It and a bunch of others that have shaped advertising’s young but exciting history. At times I felt like there was maybe too much glorification of the people interviewed, but let’s face it, they are the business’ greatest, so why not throw flowers at them !

If you have any interest in advertising and marketing, and I guess you do if you’re reading this blog, take 90 minutes of your time to watch this great piece of documentary film. It is well directed and the interviews are genuinely interesting. It’s worth your time.

Apple Day Off

Let me start off by saying: I’m no photographer… I bought myself a Canon Rebel T2i a couple of weeks ago because the video features just looked amazing and my HMC150 was just picking dust in the basement. But, why not try to take a couple of pictures since I’ve got a pretty good quality DSLR now. Well that’s exactly what I did !

Last weekend was Canada Day, so my friends and I had a 3-day weekend in front of us and we wanted to do something special, and the forecast looked just amazing in New York City. So on friday, just before the sun got up, we packed up the car and drove 8 hours down to the city that never sleeps. We chilled at our hotel’s pool when we arrived to try to kill the 95F temperature, then went for supper in Little Italy bla bla bla… I could go on with that but whatever !

The next day we decided it was pictures day. I was down there with two friends, including Guillaume Bouchard, a long-time friend and photographer, so we both took out our cameras and started snapping everything. It was the first day ever I shot with pictures with a DSLR, and I can’t say I hated it. When I got home, I took those I figured were the best and brought them in Photoshop. I was VERY rusty in terms of photo post-production in Photoshop, I usually just use it to prepare layers for After Effects and stuff like that, so of course this isn’t the best color grading there has been in recent years, but I think I managed pretty well.

Those pics were all shot on the Canon Rebel T2i with both a Sigma 30mm 1.4 and a Canon 85mm 1.8.

So here it is ! My first ever set of photos. I unoriginally entitled it Apple Day Off, of course because we took pictures on a Saturday in New York, but also to refer to the fact I wasn’t sitting in front of my computer to shoot that !

PS: If you happen to be in NYC, go to Webster Hall, one of the best nightclubs I’ve ever been.

The iPhone 4

Yesterday, Steve Jobs held a keynote at the WWDC, and what was expected from everyone was finally unveiled in Jobs’ presentation: the iPhone 4. Once again, Apple takes its already state of the art technology, and pushes it further. With multi-tasking, the device will become closer and closer to a portable computer. The iPhone 4 will also shoot 720p HD video, and the camera will now be 5 mega-pixels. There is also a built-in LED flash to take pictures in dark areas.

Other than that, the phone also comes with a front camera, which allows video calling, which Apple calls FaceTime. With the touch of a button, users will be able to switch from the front to the back camera, enabling callers to show what they see in real time then switch back to video calling. They’ve also implemented the Retina display, which is supposed to be the best display ever created for a phone.

They’ve also put a new A4 chip in the phone, which is super powerful and they’ve also made the battery larger to make it last longer, which is something iPhone users have been complaining about in the past.

But, there’s the design. I haven’t held it in my hand yet, so it’s hard to judge, but it looks less ergonomic than the 3G and 3Gs. We’ll have to see.

Still, this looks to be an incredible machine, and again, it was marketed masterfully. I don’t know how many people followed the keynote live, but they’ve already got a quarter-million views on YouTube for the iPhone 4 video, and counting ! Never will you see such buzz around an electronic device. Apple are the best marketing company of the 2000s, hands down.

Blackberry needs to stop following trends and create some.

First they released the Storm, promoting it as a “new” touch screen phone, a year after Apple released the iPhone. Now, they’re promoting themselves with U2, in an ad that is practically identical to what Logan did for iTunes and Coldplay. Come on Blackberry, you have the budget to create innovative campaigns and hire the world’s best agencies, ten of them if you want to. Why do you use your biggest competitor as your main source of inspiration ? I just don’t get it.
The ad is beautiful though, I don’t take it away from them or Partizan, the production company. It just feels like total deja vu to me.

Blackberry Loves U2

Apple Sonic

Microsoft takes a break fighting with Apple for its new NZ campaign

Microsoft really stepped up its advertising game when Apple started crushing them with their “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign from TBWA. Y&R in New Zealand launched a series of print ads with the slogan “Fun up your home”. This is yet another step in Microsoft’s quest to get rid of its super corporate image, and getting a younger range of customers.
Chances are slim, but if you still haven’t seen “The Rookies” ads from Microsoft, check them out. The kids are just perfect natural-talents.

It’s that time of the year again: NAB 2009 !

As anyone working in the media domain, I’m truly excited to hear about everything new that will be launched in Las Vegas this year, during the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters). The trade show will go on until April 23rd. Conferences have already started, but the exhibits (what I want to hear about !) are starting on Monday.
I’ll be updating often during those 3 days, because I’m on the look out for a couple of products. I’m a new owner of Panasonic’s HMC-150, and the workflow with Final Cut Pro pretty much sucks right now. Apple is rumored to launch Final Cut Studio 3, with AVCHD support and Blu-Ray authoring, which would make my life much better !
Anyway, check often for updates. You can follow NAB updates realtime on Twitter !