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Alex Roman for Silestone

Alex Roman, the talent behind the great Third & Seventh CGI movie that created such a buzz a while ago, has been hired by Spy Films among their directors. He recently released his first commercial at Spy Films, for Silestone by Cosentino.

Well, as everyone expected, this is another full CGI piece, and once again, it is flawless. This ad would be a visual masterpiece even if it had been filmed on a live-action shoot. Now just imagine how amazing that makes this commercial once you realize it is all CGI. The elements, the lighting, the camera angles, the animation, the physics, the rendering, the editing… There is just nothing wrong with this piece.

I would be curious to see now that he’s part of such a huge organization, how much work he actually did himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if I learned it was 100% his work, but I’m wondering if he’s having help and being more on the director’s chair than on his previous work. Either way, Mr. Roman, you have my sincere admiration. Work like this erases the stereotypes that labels 3D people as technicians rather than artists.


Gorillaz “Stylo”

Gorillaz are back with their signature cartoonish characters in their new video, Stylo. The 3D rendering for these characters is surprisingly good (I tend to find that music videos using CGI are often sketchy, probably because of the tight delays) and the best part of it all is that the video involves a car chase with none other than action-master Bruce Willis !

The video really has a nice vibe, is well directed, and Willis is super funny in his role. The “acting” by the CGI characters is also worth mentioning. The ending is kind of weak though, but the rest of it makes up for the end. Plus, the new 1080p resolution on YouTube makes the whole thing look stunning. No news about who the director is, but I’ll try to update this post as soon as I find out.

CGI perfection by Alex Roman

This video was on every single design blog this morning when I woke-up. I have a bad habit of not reading blog posts and checking out the video first, and if I like the video, I’ll read the article after. So that is exactly what I did with Third and Seventh from Alex Roman. I was instantly hooked by the beautiful lighting and cinematography from the first images, and it just kept getting better and better. Midway through the video, I was already convinced that this was the most flawless piece of scenery video that I had ever seen.

So of course, true to my habits, when the video was done I read through the short article, to realize that what I had just seen was all CGI. My admiration for this amazing piece of art just multiplied by 100 when I read that. Let’s get this straight: This video was produced, directed, edited, post-produced and scored by one single (and yeah, over-talented) guy. Am I the only one to think that this is the most dedication from a single artist ever ? How much time did it take, and the biggest question is, how much time did it take to RENDER all that ? Plus, who is this guy, Alex Roman ? I guess he’s Spanish, but what’s his background, where does he work ? I’ll bet there will be over 20 articles in the next couple of weeks that will answer these questions, but I really want to know.

Well, enjoy this 12 minutes of pure beauty, and check out the breakdowns also.