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Nova Film celebrates its 5th anniversary

“Time flies” they say. As cliché as it sounds, this is the least I can say when I think Nova Film is already at its 5th year in the business. It’s almost unreal to go back in time and see ourselves as the small team of 4 in our first offices in Ste-Foy, where we were basically jumping on every possible contract that involved video and money, to looking at today, where we’re now one of the biggest production company in Quebec City and dealing with national and international companies and agencies. It’s even a bit scary to think about what will happen in the next 5 years, taking in consideration this mind-blowing evolution.

Last Thursday, we hosted our anniversary party at Caserne Dalhousie, which is the production facility for Ex-Machina and world-renowned creator Robert Lepage. Over 150 of our clients and partners came to celebrate this very important milestone for the company. It was also our opportunity to release our brand new logo, designed by Quebec agency Hatem+D.

Two video-projectors displaying our brand new showreel and a Twitter feed showing everyone who wished us #BonneFeteNova, a gigantic lighted Nova Film logo, a 20-foot-high DJ booth, an ice sculpture to poor liquor and two immense paintings by Quebec artist Joelle Blouin were just a few of the components of the setup we put together to make sure everyone wowed at the room when they entered. And they did. While us, the Nova team, are very professional people, we also know how to throw a party like few can.

The evening started off as more of a cocktail, where Francois and David, the two founders of Nova Film, spoke on the microphone to the crowd to thank them for their constant trust and support, and eventually introducing our much-anticipated 2012 Showreel. As the evening went on, the ambiance grew and soon the sound of DJ Adam DoubleYou filled the room and quickly transformed the cocktail-style event into a party that those who were still there to witness will not soon forget.

I strongly recommend that you check out our new website and Facebook page, on which you can see all the photos from the evening. If you missed this, then we hope we can celebrate our 10th anniversary in your company.


Google+ will not kill Facebook

This is a strange post for me to right. 16 months ago, I was sitting by the pool at the house we rented in Costa Rica with 3 of my best friends. It was late, 3, maybe 4 o’clock. We had had one huge party, and only the 4 of us were still up, still sipping one last rhum&coke. It was quiet, the mood (and the alcohol) was favorable for deep discussions. We talked about everything that came up on our minds, and eventually started talking about Facebook. Back then, I was convinced that Facebook had less than 5 years to live, that something better would come up shortly. I didn’t know what, but I knew Facebook was meant to disappear. All of my friends kind of disagreed.

Today, that “something better” has arrived, and it’s called Google+. The question is, do I still think that Facebook is meant to disappear ? The answer is no.

Everyday I see a new “social media expert” going public, saying that, according to Google+’s features, Facebook won’t be able to keep up and could soon face the same fate that MySpace has gone through in the past years.

Can people come back to Earth, remove the stardust stuck in their eyes from all the Google+ buzz, and start thinking straight from a moment ? I think I’m going to kick in the nutts the next person who tells me “Google+ reached 25 million users in a month, Facebook took 3 years to reach that number of users”. Yeah, guess what, if I start composing the best music the world has ever heard in my basement, chances are I won’t sell more than 5 copies of my album the first week I release it. On the other hand, Lady Gaga can produce the biggest piece of shit of a pop album in 3 days, release it on iTunes and will most likely sell close to a million copies on the first week it hits the shelves. Facebook was created by 3 geeks in their Harvard dorm; Google+ was created by the biggest Internet company in the world, which also happens to have a spot in the Fortune 500 companies. Yeah, Google kinda had a head start.

What also scares people is that they saw what happened to MySpace once Facebook came around, and now they can’t help to fear that this is what is going to happen to Zuckerberg’s empire. Without pretention, I tend to say that these people have no clue what the hell they’re talking about. Am I the only one here that sees what Facebook has become, compared to what MySpace was ? Facebook is no longer the website to only post your drunk photos from the night before (I know, there is still some of that), it has become the biggest sharing platform in the world. There are over 30 BILLION pieces of content shared every month on the website. I learned about the recent Oslo bombing 12 minutes after it happened, and guess where I saw the news…Facebook. My parents watched the 6 o’clock news that night and saw it there, several hours after I had read the endless number of detailed articles that were linked straight from Facebook (and a bit of Twitter too). Facebook is the news, Facebook is the biggest photo album, Facebook is a gaming platform, Facebook is everything.

MySpace had many flaws. It was hard to use at first, it required customization that came with complicated code, it loaded slow as hell even on a high-speed internet connection, and so on. Plus, back in the days, MySpace was far from being as popular as Facebook. It was a rare thing to meet someone back then who had a MySpace. Personally, a very small portion of my friends and people and I know were on MySpace. Today, meeting someone without a Facebook is pretty much like meeting someone without a cellphone. EVERYONE is on Facebook, from pre-teens, to grandparents, to artists, companies, organizations, people even make Facebook pages for their dogs and cats. I see some people who have their father, mother, aunt, uncle, and the rest of the family interacting on their Wall, something I would have never imagined I’d see in my entire life.

Speaking of these family members, does anybody really think that a 74-year-old Grandpa, who hardly even knows what is an internet connection, but who managed to get his grandson to create a Facebook page for him, is going to make the switch to Google+ ? Please, don’t even bother answering. Facebook has spread to people who barely use computers, just because it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Let’s take a look at both social media interfaces.

See any similarities ? Google+ has pretty much copied Facebook pixel by pixel, so what do you think will happen with all the shiny new features that Google+ offers? Yes, Facebook will copy them, and just like that, Facebook will always be more complete than G+ will ever be.

Facebook has 750 millions users, that’s about 11% of the world’s population. Off that, remove the 500 million people that are considered to live in total poverty, remove almost a billion people in China who have their own social network, QZone, and that percentage increases a lot. Yes, 25 million users is huge, but it’s far from a number that would make Zuckerberg lose sleep over. Eminem has twice as many Facebook fans than Google+ has normal users, so they have a long way to go.

To me, Facebook has now become to social media what McDonald’s has become to fast-food, what Wal-Mart has become to retail stores, what the iPod has become to portable music players. If someone would launch a new internet search engine, would you think it stood a chance against Google ? The same goes for new social networks, and whether it’s Google starting a new one or some unknown geek, it’s too late.

Are movie critics afraid of thinking out of the box ?

I hate to admit it, but I’m a big fan of award-shows. The Golden Globes are no exception, and I was really stoked to watch that show yesterday night. I just saw Social Network and Toy Story 3 last week so I had a better idea of what was going on with the nominations.

I liked the show overall: Ricky Gervais was funny as the host, Olivia Wilde was hot as hell and DeNiro got honored for his amazing career. But, in the end, I think the Hollywood Foreign Press failed miserably again in encouraging “out-of-the-box” cinema.

First off, let me say that I really loved Social Network. I think David Fincher is an amazing director (I’m a die-hard fan of Seven and Fight Club), Jesse Eisenberg was really good in his role, Aaron Sorkin’s script definitely deserved an award, and this movie is probably the first that is able to portrait recent events such as the Facebook story without leaving you with the bitter taste of deja vu and “we already know all that” in your mouth. Bottom line, if you haven’t seen it, rent it right away, it’s awesome.

BUT, there’s a but. This year, Inception made the cut as one of the five nominees for Best Picture – Drama, and in my opinion, it deserved to win by a mile, if not two. Let’s get this straight, how many times do we read sentences like “the story was same old same old” and “the movie lacked originality” in various movie critics. Pretentious critics are fast to notice these flaws, and their not shy of expressing their opinions in their reviews.

Now, here you have this epic thriller/sci-fi movie, with a concept never before seen, with an all-star cast (it’s a scandal that DiCaprio was not nominated for Best Actor) and a story that challenges your intelligence to the next level. Let’s face it, movies like Inception come once every 5, maybe 10 years. What was the last mega Hollywood blockbuster that messed up with your head the way Inception did ? For me I think it was Memento, also directed by Christopher Nolan, and that was 11 years ago, in 2000, and saying it was a Blockbuster is pushing it way too hard.

Inception is also beautifully directed, and without taking away anything from Mr. Fincher, it was most likely a lot more challenging movie to direct than Social Network. The story is heavily complex, but the way it is told makes it perfectly understandable if you’re concentrated, and this can only be achieved by an experienced, highly-talented director, which Mr. Nolan is.

Also, I’m not saying IMDB’s Top 250 list is an absolute reference, but when a movie is #7 just months after its release, it must mean it’s pretty good, no ? Even Black Swan is 108 positions in front of the Social Network, which appears at #160. People might not know cinema like movie critics, but we’re not talking about a controversial battle for first or second place, we’re talking about 153 positions separating the two movies in the eyes of the public’s opinion.

Now why would movie critics not give the Best Picture – Drama award to Inception ? Are their condescending selves shy of publicly liking a movie involving science fiction ? Is it bad for this very select and elitist group of person to recognize a movie involving visual effects ? Probably not, since Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won Best Picture at the Oscars back in ’04. What is it then ? I’m waiting for an answer.

Had it been any other year, I would have shut my mouth and congratulated the Social Network team for their wins. But this is just a shame. Inception is a movie like no other, while Fincher’s movie is something that has been seen before and that we’ll see again in the future. I blame those critics for the lack of originality in today’s cinema, because letting a movie like Inception go without any recognition is encouraging established and aspiring filmmakers to play it safe, not take risks, and do like everybody else. To the critics, you’re the only ones to blame for your recurring “the story lacked originality” sentences.

Ten best viral campaigns of 2009

Cool post twittered by The Cool Hunter. A top 10 countdown of the best viral marketing campaigns from 2009 on Stumbleupon.com. Some genius ideas in there. My personal favorite in terms of marketing/contact with client is definitely IKEA’s, who uploaded photos of showrooms on Facebook and let people tag themselves on items, which they automatically won if they were the first to tag themselves.

Take a look, they’re all terrific.

I surrender… Facebook won !

I must admit defeat. Today, Facebook officially became a financially viable website. Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg to have doubted you. 300 million users !!!?? Yeah, call social-media a fad

Stats that’ll change the way you (maybe) think about social media


Carl Rousseau from CabTV showed me this video about social media the other day. I thought I knew a lot about all of this, but this video has stats that’ll blow your mind. Good video to show your parents if they still don’t have a clue what YouTube is.

The greatest TV show on Earth is back: Entourage Season 6

Since I don’t have HBO at home, it took some time for me to start watching Entourage. Unfortunately, once I watched the first episode I downloaded from torrents, my social life took a hard hit. I watched the 5 first seasons in less than 4 weeks I was so addicted. And then, there was a void to fill in my life… I wanted more Entourage ! I needed more of Ari’s horribly funny lines, I needed more of Drama‘s stupidity, I needed more of Lloyd‘s hilarious feminine behavior.

What a pleasing surprise when I went on Facebook yesterday and saw that the Entourage fan page posted a new trailer for season 6 and announcing the season’s premiere on Sunday, July 12th ! VICTORYYY !