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New website for Fly Studio

I don’t know how long it’s been up, but while browsing the web tonight, I stumbled upon Montreal-based Fly Studio‘s website which was given a complete redesign. While I must say I’m not a big fan of the navigation system they have going on, their new demo reel and recent work is really something to look at. They have a lot going on in there: 2D text animations, 3D anims, compositing, broadcast design, VFX, name it… The quality of their work really is up there with the big American/European studios. Props to a job well done !


Seasonal update for Place Laurier

After directing its marketing towards Quebec City’s 400th anniversary last year, Place Laurier along with advertising agency LG2 renewed their campaign back in March, and now, with fall arriving faster than anyone hopes to, it was time for a change in the visual.

Colagene, Mydeadpony and Fly Studio were in charge of handling all the graphic and motion design for this seasonal update, and I must say everyone did an awesome job. The visual signature really differs from any shopping center’s advertisement I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t find any quality version of the TV ads, so you’ll have to go on InfoPresse‘s website to check out all that !

I’m already anxious to see the winter update !

Air Canada’s new campaign

I’m a bit late on this one, but I just noticed it and thought it deserved being mentionned…

Despite its difficult financial state, Air Canada managed to produce probably its best TV campaign up to now. Even though the spots were shot in Paris and Hong Kong, the ads were entirely conceived in Montreal. François Girard, the mind behind The Red Violin and Silk, was directing the campaign created by Marketel, while Fly Studio, one of Montreal’s finest post-production office, handled the visual effects.

The great soundtrack is also worth mentioning, since it adds an appropriate smooth feel to the ads. The song is El Vuelo by Hughes de Courson.

Here are the adds: