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Did Nike go too far ?

As simple as this: Did they go too far ? Is using the voice of a deceased man considered to be crossing the line. I’m not one to judge; I tend to be hard to offend in advertisement. My thought is, if Tiger (and his family) is ok with this, then why make a big deal out of this ? Whatever people think, I think Nike just scored the biggest talked-about ad so far in 2010, period.


9 holes at sunset with the HMC-150

Yesterday I received my set of filters that I ordered for my Panasonic HMC-150. Since it was super sunny outside, I decided to follow my dad playing a quick game of golf to test the polarizing filter. Unfortunately, the sky was not very blue bird, and there were clouds which washed-out the sky even when looking at it, so it was not the best time to test the filter. Plus, the first 9 holes of this course face the sun very often, so I really didn’t have optimal conditions.
But, I still managed to pull out one sick shot (the one from the thumbnail). You really see the use of the polarizing lens on this with the subject well lit and the sky appearing super blue.

Here are the scene settings:
Detail level: -5
Chrome level: +5
Color Temp: -2
Master Ped: -75
Everything else at zero

Looking back at it now though, some shots are way too orange and Color Temp should have been left at zero to compensate for the sunset light. All slow motion shots were shot at 720p60 with a shutter speed of 1/500 to 1/2000 depending on the available light. All other shots were shot at 720p24 native with a shutter speed of 1/48.