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Goodbye Entourage

Even after a disappointing series finale that contained enough content to make about 5 other episodes, I need to take a minute to pay hommage to Entourage, the 8-season hit HBO show that has kept me laughing for 95 episodes.

From Ari Gold’s anger management problem, to Johnny Drama’s dumbness and Billy Walsh’s craziness, this show has been incredibly entertaining and moving. Even if the last two seasons were weaker than the first 6, it has been the best series I’ve ever watched, with characters that we all relate to and who will make their way into the TV Hall of Fame right away.

Doug Ellin an HBO, thank you for 7 years of Entourage, and I look forward to what you have in store next.


Entourage sadly coming to an end

With season 7 currently going on in full force, HBO’s Entourage series is sadly coming to an end. Indeed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, next season will be the show’s last. Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming president, said that they’re planning right now to do a short 8th season, composed of 6 episodes.

The series creator Doug Ellin is supposedly planning a feature-length film of Entourage, but no dates of production have been released so far. Let’s hope this will not end a great series like Entourage in a sour way, because movies made from TV shows have been known to be far from masterpieces in the past.

The greatest TV show on Earth is back: Entourage Season 6

Since I don’t have HBO at home, it took some time for me to start watching Entourage. Unfortunately, once I watched the first episode I downloaded from torrents, my social life took a hard hit. I watched the 5 first seasons in less than 4 weeks I was so addicted. And then, there was a void to fill in my life… I wanted more Entourage ! I needed more of Ari’s horribly funny lines, I needed more of Drama‘s stupidity, I needed more of Lloyd‘s hilarious feminine behavior.

What a pleasing surprise when I went on Facebook yesterday and saw that the Entourage fan page posted a new trailer for season 6 and announcing the season’s premiere on Sunday, July 12th ! VICTORYYY !