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KÀ, Peter Lik, Ghostbar, I’m overwhelmed here !

Day 2 and 3 of our Vegas trip are behind us, and let me tell you that we’re enjoying ourselves more than we could have imagine. On Saturday we went to see KÀ from Cirque du Soleil and Robert Lepage, and I must say it is by far the craziest show I’ve seen in my entire life. Everything is just flawless, whether it’s the lighting, the performers, the soundtrack, the costumes, even the theater itself is a masterpiece. I rarely enjoyed a show more than this one. It exceeded my expectations by a mile.

Then on Sunday, we walked the strip, and when we went into Caesar’s Palace, we discovered what has to be one of the highlights of the trip also: the new Peter Lik gallery. I had no idea who this guy was, and if I would have had major money to spend, I would have definitely bought some of his pictures. This guy is a genius. He does landscape photography, and his pictures also react to the ambient light. So let’s say a picture is hanged in your house in front of a window, the picture will not look the same at 1 o’clock than at sundown. It was really amazing.

Sunday night, we decided to spoil ourselves and we went to Ghostbar, which is the club on the 55th floor of the Palms, with a big terrace with a view of the strip. It was an incredible place. Since it is a super prestigious club, we were expecting to get some attitude from people inside, since we were kind of the youngest in the bar, but we were so wrong. People we super friendly, we talked to so many people from 21 to 45 years-old.
That’s pretty much it for now, we’re going to LA tomorrow morning to check out the X-Games, starting on Thursday.


What an arrival in Vegas !

After a very shaky flight, we landed at Las Vegas’ airport, made a 20 -minute line-up to get in a taxi, and then got to Excalibur, just to realize what a huge cheap plastic hotel that was. Maybe it was the fact that we were drinking 2-feet tall vodka & orange juice, maybe it was the fact that I was wearing a white suit, or maybe it was the fact that my friend Julien was wearing crocodile cowboy boots, but we started an insane battle of the promoters involving 4 local guys who were trying to get us in their clubs.
We finally ended up at Coyote Ugly, and believe me, it has nothing to do with the movie ! We then walked the strip to get a dose of flashy lights and seizure-worthy visual, I got lost, ended up in the wrong hotel, got harassed by 2 different groups of hookers, and here we are, the next morning, the four of us ready to hit the pool and check out all the crazy stuff the city has to offer during the day.

The only way to turn a 4-hour flight in a plane-party !

How about a partially-bleached mullet at the airport !

Vegas baby, Vegas !

I haven’t been posting stuff often these past few weeks on here, and the reason is simple: way too much work ! I’ve been working on some documents for a web-tv show I’m trying to get together for next winter, and most of all, we’ve been insanely busy at Nova Film. It’s almost inhuman to think we can meet every deadline that is imposed to us, but somehow, we manage to succeed. Once all this work is uploaded on the website, I’ll post something to let everyone know.
Anyway, all that to say that starting tomorrow, I’m officially on vacation for 10 days, and my buddies and I are leaving for 4 days to Las Vegas, and then 6 days to LA to check out the X-Games.
It should be one hell of a trip, and my blog posts in the next week or so might be a lot more about the trip itself than media stuff.
So keep checking to see what we’re up to in the States, and when I get back, I’ll make sure to find some sick stuff to post to compensate for my absence lately.

NAB 2009 final day !

Final day of exhibits today in Las Vegas. I’ve finally got a hold of some news from the much anticipated Trapcode Particular V2 from Red Giant. Here’s a PDF document explaining the plugin’s new features. You can also check out this episode of FXGuide TV, which includes an interview with the people from The Foundry, but most importantly, an in-depth demo of Particular V2.

Speaking of The Foundry, they gave a preview of Nuke 6.0, their popular compositing software.

Finally, here’s a funny parody video to conclude things ! Sony, no hard feelings, but this is just hilarious !

It’s that time of the year again: NAB 2009 !

As anyone working in the media domain, I’m truly excited to hear about everything new that will be launched in Las Vegas this year, during the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters). The trade show will go on until April 23rd. Conferences have already started, but the exhibits (what I want to hear about !) are starting on Monday.
I’ll be updating often during those 3 days, because I’m on the look out for a couple of products. I’m a new owner of Panasonic’s HMC-150, and the workflow with Final Cut Pro pretty much sucks right now. Apple is rumored to launch Final Cut Studio 3, with AVCHD support and Blu-Ray authoring, which would make my life much better !
Anyway, check often for updates. You can follow NAB updates realtime on Twitter !