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The Olympic vibe coming to an end

Wow, what an amazing two weeks. Rarely have I watched that much TV in the last 6-7 years. And of course, what a way to end this show ! One of the greatest hockey games ever, with an average TV audience of 16.6 million viewers in Canada, and 27.6 million viewers in the USA. Crosby, once again, proves he is the sport’s greatest athlete, with an epic overtime winning goal. But, what makes my stokeness level go sky high is the fact that we are now the country with the highest number of gold medals in the history of the Olympic Games, and that we achieved this on home soil. GO CANADA !

Enough about sports and back to what this blog is supposed to be. I finally found the Buick ad I was looking for since day one of the Games. It is called Behind the Beauty, and it was directed by Mathew Cullen at Motion Theory. Once again, MTh proves why they’re probably the Sydney Crosby of mograph and compositing. The visual is slick and the spot is gorgeous.

So once again, congrats to all (well, most of…) the advertisers for giving us quality commercials during the whole games and making these 2-minute breaks in the middle of the action of the gold medal game more than bearable.

Sydney’s golden moment

Buick Behind the Beauty


Awesomeness from down under with Umeric


While browsing on Motionographer today, I found this cool new spot that Taxi did for MSN.ca which was produced by Umeric, a studio I had never heard of before. Since Taxi has offices in Montreal, I thought Umeric was probably in Montreal too, and felt kind of ignorant not knowing a quality studio like this in the area. So I decided to visit their website (finally I realized their based in Sydney, Australia) just to find myself in awe for the next 20 minutes as I was browsing.


I love to see a studio who has a style far from corporate and still can manage to produce spots and idents that everyone can relate to just the same. Plus, since I’m a huge fan of mixing live-action footage with motion design stuff, their work just stands out to me. The MTV idents they produced last year look so good and differ from most of what you see from MTV.

Anyway, take a look at their website, their work is really something special and I think they just landed a spot in my favorite studios list, along the great Motion Theory and Austria’s Eat My Dear.

Motion Theory will always amaze me: Tanqueray – Resist Simple

If there’s one thing I like in video production, it is definitely motion design mixed with beautiful live action. And, Motion Theory’s last spot, for Wieden+Kennedy, is exactly that.
The cinematography is incredibly well directed, and the graphics, even though not predominant, enhance the video greatly. And on top of that, the concept and story telling are super clever.
It was directed by Mathew Cullen and Jesus de Francisco, two all-star directors from MT, who directed legendary spots like Bud’s “Just a Game“, Nike’s “Presto” and Honda’s “All in One Place“.
I was craving for some work from Motion Theory, since they didn’t release anything really since the Prince spot, and I was well served !

Prince rocks for Target


Target has had very strong advertising campaigns in the last few years, and this promo for Prince’s new album still proves this fact. Venice Beach-based Motion Theory brings us another beautiful spot, mixing life-action with motion graphics, creating a spacy-glamorous world for Prince to perform in.

Prince “Dreamer”