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Prologue designs ESPN’s packaging for the World Cup

Since we’re deeply surrounded by World Cup news everyday, I decided to join in and post this delightful montage from Prologue. They produced the packaging for ESPN’s TV coverage of the event, and they did a damn good job at it I must say ! The various idents they’ve put together really reflects the exoticism of South Africa and its culture. Vibrant colors, warm lighting and grungy textures make you feel like you’re on the other side of the Equator right away. Another bulls-eye for Prologue !


Oscars 2010

Last night were held the 82nd Academy Awards, one of the TV events I anticipate the most every year. This year didn’t disappoint once again, especially because of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin‘s performances as hosts. In my opinion, they were the funniest hosts ever on the Oscars. Prologue also delivered with all the show’s packaging, which was classy and pristine as usual.

No surprise as to who won Best Supporting Actor and Actress. I was surprised that Sandra Bullock won, but at the same time I’m really happy for her. This proves everyone who ever said that she couldn’t do anything else than romantic comedies wrong. I was about sure that Avatar would win Best Picture, even though I was rooting more for Up In The Air and The Hurt Locker, so I was kind of happy when Kathryn Bigelow‘s movie won.

What I still can’t believe though, is that James Cameron didn’t win Best Director. I didn’t like Avatar too much, so as I said, I’m happy that it didn’t win Best Picture, but it is completely absurd that the Academy doesn’t recognize the directing work behind this picture. It is the biggest production ever, and it was all orchestrated by Cameron himself, and it shows a far superior logistical and creative direction than any other movie produced this year. I hated the script, I thought the story was cheesy, but the movie itself is still a visual masterpiece and Cameron deserved the title. Shame on the Academy !

Ninja Assassin titles

Yes, it has probably the worst title in the history of cinema. And, judging by the trailer, it may well be one of the worst movies of all time also. But, I’m a fan of the Wachowski brothers, so I might end up going to see it just the same.

Enough bragging about the movie, I’m actually writing this post to mention that I came across the end title sequence of the movie on Prologue’s website, and I really liked the vibe of it. Cool lighting and reflections effects mixed with fluid liquid animation give it a deja-vu, but still very interesting look.

Check it out here (click “movie” at the bottom), and here’s the trailer too.