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Jonathan Desbiens, director

A Facebook contact of mine shared this morning a link to one of his friend’s website/portfolio. The person in question was Jonathan Desbiens, a film director from Shawinigan, QC, and a name I had often heard of but never really took the time to look at his work.

So, curious as always, I decided to check out Jodeb’s (his nickname) website, only to be completely astonished by its content. Not only is there some incredible cinematography among his many pieces, there is also some top-caliber 2D and 3D animation that would make heads turn at any big Californian studio. There is this kind of unique feel to all his shots that gets out of the very commercial mold that is a la mode these days. What is even more impressive is how young he is. Normally, I tend to leave the age factor out of anything, because in my mind, if you have talent, you have talent, no matter if you’re 10 or 60 years old. But this will be the exception on this statement, because his work shows a maturity that I have never seen in someone who is 25 years-old.

He’s also already working with some of the biggest production companies from Montreal (and elsewhere), like 401 and Alt Productions, and handling world-renown clients like Air Canada, Bell, and Geodezik, the company with who I worked on the Whitney Houston project in early 2010.

This really was a pleasant discovery this morning, and Jodeb just became someone I really look up to considering my age, and someone that I will make sure to follow his work closely.

Here is his demo reel.


Austria’s Eat My Dear shows off some new work

A couple weeks ago, my personal favorite european design studio, Vienna-based Eat My Dear, updated their website with some new work, but also with an incredible new showreel for 2010. There are some unbelievable images in there. The reel is colorful, the style is varied throughout, the attention to detail is completely amazing… Bottom line, you have to see this.

The pieces shown in the reel are also all available on their website, and they’re just as impressive. The intro they created for the Red Bull Air Race tv show is brilliantly directed and rendered.

Eat My Dear, I have nothing else to say than congratulations. This is the work of geniuses.

Frame 2010 Reel

Copenhagen-based motion design studio Frame, released their action-packed, fast-paced, eye-candy 2010 reel. With an impressive client-list and various styles of design, this reel is definitely one of the best so far in 2010.

New website for Fly Studio

I don’t know how long it’s been up, but while browsing the web tonight, I stumbled upon Montreal-based Fly Studio‘s website which was given a complete redesign. While I must say I’m not a big fan of the navigation system they have going on, their new demo reel and recent work is really something to look at. They have a lot going on in there: 2D text animations, 3D anims, compositing, broadcast design, VFX, name it… The quality of their work really is up there with the big American/European studios. Props to a job well done !

New Nova Film motion design reel

Well, another year is done at Nova, and once again looking back at the company last year and today, it seems like we fast-forwarded in time 10 years. When we released the 2009 reel, about exactly the same date as today, we were 4 employees plus one part time employee in an 800 square-feet office in Ste-Foy, a suburb of Quebec City, working on a couple large scale projects, but mostly doing corporate videos for small local businesses. We’ll be six full time employees when Phil comes back from Thailand, in a 1800 square-feet loft in downtown Quebec City, more specifically in the St-Roch area, the new media and advertising center of town, where Ubisoft, Beenox, LG2 and a handful of other companies are. While our main field of work still is corporate videos, the amount of TV advertisement we’re doing is increasing every month, and our clients list is becoming more and more impressive. We just renovated the office to turn one open-space area into a closed editing studio with an 8-core MacPro with 16GB of RAM, two 23″ 1080p displays and a 37″ HD TV hanged on the wall to output the projects full-screen as we work, something we would only dream of having 6 months ago.

Enough about the history lesson, and on with the reel. I’m very proud of it, since this year the content is 100% from me, and I think it looks kick-ass. I’ve already been having a couple of questions on how I’ve done the intro shot, and here’s the answer. A while ago I learned about a technique called camera mapping, and found this tutorial which I thought was insane. My main objective was to do the signature with a 3D tracking technique, since I think what I’ve done up to now in terms of tracking has been good, but far from perfect. What sucks though is that right now the weather in Quebec is not super good, the full-of-brown-snow scenery isn’t particularly interesting, and I really wanted to do something outside to get the best light without too much setup. So I decided that it was time for me to take out this tutorial and try camera mapping once and for all. Coincidentally, Nick Campbell released another cam-map tutorial about the same time, so I had two sources to pick up techniques.

I’m really happy about how it turned out and I think it gets you hooked up for what’s too come. I’m really not a big fan of 3D, especially modeling, but this kind of type animation I’m really into. So take a look at this, and if you want to see the complete projects that are shown, hit up www.novafilm.ca and take a look at the different sections.

Fresh new stuff from Colour Movie

LA-based Colour Movie had long since released a new project on their website. They updated today with their 2009 reel, which I must say is one of the best I’ve seen recently.
Even though it is very slow-paced, the editing just flows so well with the calm music. Plus, they have a vast-range of variety in their work, from beautiful cinematography in the intro, to artsy design throughout the reel.
Good job from Colour Movie ! Check the reel here !

New montage from Michael Moloney

London’s Michael Moloney Studio launched a quality new reel. I like how their style is very various throughout the montage. Take a look at their portfolio, it’s worth it.