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Eminem’s Recovery review

It’s become almost a habit for rap artists to have their albums leaked on the Internet before their official release dates. Marshall Mathers is of course the latest artist to be a victim of the world wide web. His highly-anticipated album, Recovery, scheduled to release on June 22nd, was released earlier this week on the web. Is it a marketing stunt or an honest mistake from someone in Eminem’s entourage ? We’ll probably never know, but what is sure though, is that Eminem’s new album is absolutely amazing.

His last release, Relapse, received harsh criticism, and it deserved it. Eminem really delivered a sub-par album, and Encore, the one before that, was also a let down compared to his previous masterpieces. Slim Shady does his Mea Culpa on Recovery, admitting that his 2 last albums did not live up to the expectations, and he backs it up with some incredible beats and lyrics.

The album starts off with Cold Wind Blows, a track that awfully sounds like a Dre beat, but the credits say that Just Blaze produced it. This satiric song introduces the good old Em into this new 17-track CD. Then the album carries right into Talkin’ 2 Myself, featuring Kobe. The song takes the satire away and presents deep and emotional lyrics, which is one of my favorite songs on the album. Further down the tracklist, you’ll find incredible collaborations, including Won’t Back Down featuring Pink, which is probably the most unexpected artist to ever feature on an Eminem track. Love the way you lie is another emotional song with Rihanna singing the chorus, adding a lot of feeling to the track. Those two tracks are sure to invade radio waves in the coming weeks.

Lyric-wise, Marshall Mathers proves once again that he is probably the best lyricist to ever be born on this planet. The rhymes are incredible, his flow is unmatched and the honesty and the message delivered throughout his words are sure to make you rewind the songs a couple of times and give you shivers.

My expectations were sky-high for this album after Em dissed his own Relapse album on Not Afraid, his first single. Well, he definitely knows what the expression walk the talk means. This is an amazing album that is sure to make die-hard Slim Shady fans believe in their hero again after a couple of let downs. Eminem is back, stronger than ever.


Eminem continues to create some buzz with “3 am”

Only two weeks after releasing his video for We Made You, in which he made fun of today’s pop celebrities, Em drops a new video that will surely have the media talk about him. The new video for 3 am features him in various situations with dead bodies around, him stealing pills and lots of other exaggerated, pre-conceived images of Slim Shady. We’re still waiting to see how many TV channels are going to censure that video ! Once again, 90% of people are going to take this too seriously, when Eminem was probably laughing while doing this video, thinking about how much this was gonna give him “free” exposure.
Syndrome directed the video. They’re well known for their American Boy video, with Estelle and Kanye West. The direction in 3 am is really noticeable. Em really looks like a psycho, and the sets are perfect for the scary mood of the video. In my opinion, this video’s direction was way better than many horror movies we see these days. Syndrome also did an awesome color-grading job, which really adds to the ambiance.
Slim Shady’s album, Relapse, is dropping May 19th. In the meanwhile, iTunes announced two other singles that will be released before the album: Beautiful, which is scheduled on May 12th, and Old Time’s Sake with Dr. Dre, which will be released tomorrow. This next single has already been leaked on the web.

Eminem back with another parody video

It’s been 5 years now since Eminem launched Encore, his supposed-to-be last album. Now, he’s getting ready to launch Relapse his highly-anticipated album. As with previous albums, his first single and music video, We Made You, produced by Dr. Dre, is a satiric image of today’s stars. Nothing short of hilarious, Em leaves no one alive in this video; Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, Sarah Palin and a bunch of other personalities get the Slim Shady treatment.

Eminem “We Made You”