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Alex Roman for Silestone

Alex Roman, the talent behind the great Third & Seventh CGI movie that created such a buzz a while ago, has been hired by Spy Films among their directors. He recently released his first commercial at Spy Films, for Silestone by Cosentino.

Well, as everyone expected, this is another full CGI piece, and once again, it is flawless. This ad would be a visual masterpiece even if it had been filmed on a live-action shoot. Now just imagine how amazing that makes this commercial once you realize it is all CGI. The elements, the lighting, the camera angles, the animation, the physics, the rendering, the editing… There is just nothing wrong with this piece.

I would be curious to see now that he’s part of such a huge organization, how much work he actually did himself. It wouldn’t surprise me if I learned it was 100% his work, but I’m wondering if he’s having help and being more on the director’s chair than on his previous work. Either way, Mr. Roman, you have my sincere admiration. Work like this erases the stereotypes that labels 3D people as technicians rather than artists.


Nuit Blanche by Spy Films

How I love finding short films like this one on the web. Arev Manoukian from Spy Films directed a short called Nuit Blanche for the LG Film festival, and won the grand prize. And of course, he deserved it ! This short is brilliant. The cinematography is impeccable, and so is the compositing. When watching the making-of, there are a lot of shots I didn’t believe to be green screen that were, and that’s when you can say that a CG scene was well executed. The particle effects, the 3D rendering and camera work are all flawless. Good job for Canadian studio Spy Films !!

Nuit Blanche

The Making-Of

Vancouver is closing in !

In less than 6 weeks, Vancouver will be hosting the Winter Olympic Games, and the excitement he starting to be felt even here on the East Coast, 5000km away. Of course, every single brand is using this opportunity to advertise like crazies, and I must say that some ads are really good. Up to now, 2 of them really stood out for me. The first one is Nike’s “Force Fate” with a bunch of athletes like Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf (who has not made the Canadian hockey team…? Are you kidding me ?). Except for the part of the wolves which I absolutely don’t understand, I felt like the ad really delivered it’s message and the script and cinematography was great.

The second one originated in 2002 for Salt Lake City, but I didn’t see it (or maybe didn’t notice it) back then. And unfortunately, after almost an hour of looking everywhere for it, I still can’t find the updated version I saw at the AMC theater. The ad is “He shoots, he scores” from Coca-Cola, produced by Spy Films (i think). This ad has such a fun and intense vibe, it really just makes you want to go out there and play hockey, and I’m not even a hockey player. Plus, the celtic soundtrack just gives me shivers it’s so good. If anyone knows the name of the song, please post it in the comments, and there is a guy on Yahoo Answers who is looking for it too. You can check out the old, extra crappy quality version of this ad below.

UPDATE: I have found a good quality version of the new ad on Youtube, thanks to Ads of the World for this !