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Nissan and TBWA for the new LEAF

TBWA released a new 60-second spot for the new Nissan LEAF, a 100% electric car to be released soon. TBWA targeted the fact that this car produces zero gas emission, therefore bringing up the slogan zero is worth everything, a clever play on words.

Even if I’m well aware of the poor state of the environment, I am also completely saturated by the quantity of marketing campaigns based on the “green” movement. I was afraid that this commercial was going to fall under that category too, but I was happily surprised once I finished watching the minute-long commercial.

I don’t know what it is with car commercials these days, but it’s like if they all entered in a writing battle, and it is producing some of the most incredible voice-overs in ads in recent years, for example, Cadillac’s Red-Blooded Luxury and Audi’s Art of Progress. This narration is nothing short of pure genius. The way they’re able to question the worthlessness of zero and to eventually bring us to understanding its great value in this particular situation is brilliant.

The imagery that supports this text is also very creative. Portraying various everyday shapes that create circle forms and editing them seamlessly is a beautiful way to illustrate this abstract-to-specific voice-over. It also gives you an acceptable dose of “green” imagery without overwhelming you with dying polar bears and crumbling glaciers.

Great work.


Cars Cars Cars, more cars ads: Infiniti G37

Well yes, another post about a car ad, but damn this one is smoking hot ! TBWA and production studio Smuggler produced this visually close-to-perfect 30 second spot, entitled Own the Sky, for Infiniti’s G37 convertible. Adam Berg (same guy who did Philips’ Carousel short-film) did an amazing job directing this ad in my opinion, and not to forget award-winning studio, The Mill, who handled post-production with subtle, yet beautiful CGI effects. While you’re there, take a look at The Mill’s showreel for 2009, it is a masterpiece.

Microsoft takes a break fighting with Apple for its new NZ campaign

Microsoft really stepped up its advertising game when Apple started crushing them with their “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign from TBWA. Y&R in New Zealand launched a series of print ads with the slogan “Fun up your home”. This is yet another step in Microsoft’s quest to get rid of its super corporate image, and getting a younger range of customers.
Chances are slim, but if you still haven’t seen “The Rookies” ads from Microsoft, check them out. The kids are just perfect natural-talents.

Climbing to the top with Pepsi

It’s now been about 6 months since TBWA took charge of the complete redesign of Pepsi’s corporate image. Opinions vary on whether or not Pepsi’s new look is better than the old one, but their new ads are mostly very good.
Update: BBDO is the agency that did this ad, entitled “Rising”, not TBWA.
They have just released a new one, called “Rising”, produced by Rattling Stick‘s France office. I must say this is some remarkable compositing. The camera moves are complex and the whole CG scene blends perfectly with the live-action footage. The story line is nothing new but it is at least presented in a very original way.
I must say I had never heard of Rattling Stick before, and I was impressed by their portfolio. Take the time to visit their website, and look especially at the Benadryl ad. It’s really good !

VISA gets rid of its 3-year campaign for new “More People Go with VISA”

Once again, a little (a lot) late on this one, but when I first saw that campaign, my blog didn’t even exist, and late is better than never !

The never-ending marketing war between credit giants MasterCard and Visa has proven to be an immense source of quality advertisements. MC’s “Priceless” campaign is probably the longest running campaign in the last 10 years (is it already more ?) which won countless awards. VISA stroke back at the beginning of March, teaming up with TBWA, to launch it’s new “More People Go with VISA” campaign, worth over 140 million dollars worldwide. Let’s not get started on the overall marketing idea of this new image, because opinions seem split (here’s a good article on that). But, the TV and print advertisements for the campaign are worth being mentioned. Paydirt and director Iain Mackenzie took charge of the production, and their work is truly amazing. There are some stunning images in the TV ads. Superfad created the VFX and motion design.

Here’s one of the ads that is not on the website, but is the best one I think. For all other TV and prints, check out VISA’s website.

Stunning photography for Levis Paint

TBWA‘s Brussel agency released a new ad for Levis Paint, which is one of the most stunning piece of photography I’ve seen in awhile. The concept alone is brilliant, but the lighting and contrast of the bright red paint on a dull concrete wall is simply beautiful. The thin typography completes the word “ambiance” perfectly and I find the slogan is original and delivers the message. Thumbs up to them !