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Swix.tv Introduction

A couple weeks ago I released a little behind the scenes video of an opening title sequence I did for Swix.tv, without however showing off the final result. Well, now that Swix.tv has been launched, there’s no more secret to be kept, so here it is.

When finishing the video, the client and I came to the decision to change the soundtrack, to maybe better suit the intro to the targeted audience, because the intro is definitely not what you usually see in the freeskiing domain. I thought it’d be fun then to show you guys the original version. So here it is, my “Director’s Cut” of the Swix.tv intro.



Behind the scenes interview for Swix.tv

I recently did some work for Swix, who are releasing Swix.tv this January. They asked me to do the introduction for their webisodes, and I figured I might as well make a little behind the scenes video to show a bit how I work. I’ll release the full version with the music later on, when Swix.tv actually launches.

I’ll try to do more videos like this in the future, just so you guys always have an idea of how I see and create my projects. Now the only question is, did my hair get hit by a freaking train during this interview ?

Think you’ve seen a long shot before ? THIS is a long shot !

We’ve all seen the long shots from Children of Men and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but here we’re on another level. Of course the director didn’t hassle himself with choreographies and everything, but decided to take the technical aspect further than I’ve ever seen before in a long shot. I’m actually still trying to find who the director his, and what production office directed that, but this is a masterpiece in my mind !

I’ll try to get an update on that, but while I do that, here’s Philips promo for its new Cinematic 21:9 ratio TV

UPDATE: Thanks to Sean who got me the credits for the ad:
Director: Adam Berg
Office: Stink Digital

Here is a quick making-of video from Carousel