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Nova Film celebrates its 5th anniversary

“Time flies” they say. As cliché as it sounds, this is the least I can say when I think Nova Film is already at its 5th year in the business. It’s almost unreal to go back in time and see ourselves as the small team of 4 in our first offices in Ste-Foy, where we were basically jumping on every possible contract that involved video and money, to looking at today, where we’re now one of the biggest production company in Quebec City and dealing with national and international companies and agencies. It’s even a bit scary to think about what will happen in the next 5 years, taking in consideration this mind-blowing evolution.

Last Thursday, we hosted our anniversary party at Caserne Dalhousie, which is the production facility for Ex-Machina and world-renowned creator Robert Lepage. Over 150 of our clients and partners came to celebrate this very important milestone for the company. It was also our opportunity to release our brand new logo, designed by Quebec agency Hatem+D.

Two video-projectors displaying our brand new showreel and a Twitter feed showing everyone who wished us #BonneFeteNova, a gigantic lighted Nova Film logo, a 20-foot-high DJ booth, an ice sculpture to poor liquor and two immense paintings by Quebec artist Joelle Blouin were just a few of the components of the setup we put together to make sure everyone wowed at the room when they entered. And they did. While us, the Nova team, are very professional people, we also know how to throw a party like few can.

The evening started off as more of a cocktail, where Francois and David, the two founders of Nova Film, spoke on the microphone to the crowd to thank them for their constant trust and support, and eventually introducing our much-anticipated 2012 Showreel. As the evening went on, the ambiance grew and soon the sound of DJ Adam DoubleYou filled the room and quickly transformed the cocktail-style event into a party that those who were still there to witness will not soon forget.

I strongly recommend that you check out our new website and Facebook page, on which you can see all the photos from the evening. If you missed this, then we hope we can celebrate our 10th anniversary in your company.


Final Cut Pro X: Apple’s Failure

Dear Apple,

Today you released your much-anticipated, so-called “revolutionary” editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Being a FCP user since 2004, my expectations were high for this new release with all the hype that the software generated prior to its release. Even if FCP is a software I’ve opened pretty much every day for the past 2 555 days of my life, I thought it had many easily-fixable flaws, and the fact that much of these flaws have been present since version 4.5 made me think about switching to Adobe Premiere often. Being a hardcore Adobe After Effects user, it would have been a logical choice, but my knowledge and ease to work with FCP has kept me from doing the switch.

When I heard about all the new features of version X that were announced at NAB back in April, I was very excited. 64-bit engine, background rendering and much more were issues that needed to be adressed and you did. What you forgot to mention though, was that you would implement these new features at the detriment of already existing, essential ones. Yes, your magnetic timeline is amazing, the fact that everything we do is realtime is awesome, but in the end, those features only simplify my workflow, they don’t allow me to do things that were previously impossible.

But, removing the customizable interface, the OMF and XML import/export, the support for external monitors and the compatibility of third-party plug-ins did as much good to me as being hit by a speeding Audi R8 (geeky reference here). Those things that were so easy to do in the past are now non-existant, and for what reason ? They used to be there, don’t tell me you don’t have the technology to implement them in your “revolutionary” editing software… I’m seeing people say “these features will be available in upcoming updates of the software”. The problem is, I don’t care if these updates come out in a week or a month, I need them tomorrow morning to hand-in a project to serious clients who don’t give a damn about missing features in a software. Telling them “Look! I can apply effects in realtime now!” will not get them the OMFs they need, nor will it let me show them their project fullscreen on an external 37-inch LCD display, something I’ve been doing for the past 2 years.

Apple, you got absolutely murdered on Twitter today (take a look at the hashtag #finalcutprox or #FCP), by both amateur and top-name professional filmmakers. I hope you will have the respect to address them by releasing a statement or a press-release tomorrow and explain to the filmmaking community what kind of fiasco this new software is. What they need is not iMovie Pro, what they need is an upgraded version of an already working software. Sorry Apple, you had your chance and failed on this one.

FCP, we had some good times you and I, but now it’s time for us to continue on our own paths now:

For more info, take a look at these links:


Arcade Fire, the Grammys, America and Ignorance

Yesterday, the whole world was in shock after the Grammy jury made a bold and daring move by awarding the prestigious award of Album of the Year to underdogs Arcade Fire, for their album The Suburbs. With opponents like Eminem, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Lady Antebellum, no one imagined that an indie-rock band from Montreal could take down those pop/hip-hop juggernauts in a David-versus-Goliath scenario.

From my point of view, the Grammy’s jury achieved what the Hollywood foreign press (and most likely the Academy too) failed at doing, and that is recognizing talent and originality over financial stats and sales. They’ve opened the door to alternative music to get more exposure and more recognition, and it feels good to see something that is not labeled as pop win such an important award.

Of course, like any year, there is some disagreement from the public’s opinion about who wins and who doesn’t, but this is how contests work when they’re decided by a jury, and you’ll never receive unanimous positively-critical acclaim for a judged decision, but the “controversy” after the winners are announced is always a source of debate, which makes it even more interesting.

But yesterday, the American people (slight generalization here) proved once again that they’re a bunch of selfish, self-centered, ignorant people. After Arcade Fire’s win, the social media scene started being invaded by hateful comments about the band, along with the creation of a website called whoisarcadefire.com , with posts showing off Twitter posts that sounded like “Who the fuck is Arcade Fire ?” and “How the fuck can they win against my homeboy Em”. Allright, in 2008, I too was disappointed that Kanye’s Graduation lost to Herbie Hancock, and I expressed my disappointment via social media saying that “Mr. West should have won”, and I think that sharing your opinion is good. What is NOT good, is starting to hate on an extremely talented band because your musical knowledge is as vast as a hamster’s cage.

For those I’m aiming at, let’s start from the beginning. Is it possible that if you don’t know one of the 5 nominees that have a shot at winning Album of the Year, that your opinion on the subject could be categorized as “utterly useless” ? My guess would be, absolutely ! Now, if you’ve never heard about Arcade Fire (but know the lyrics to every Lady Gaga’s songs), chances are you don’t cruise around music websites a lot. Let’s point out a couple of stats here:

– Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs is currently the #3 seller in the iTunes Store in the USA.
The Suburbs has 5 number 1 titles on Billboard.com.
– Back in August, The Suburbs debuted as #1 seller in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.
– Arcade Fire made the cover of a small magazine that you may have heard of… it’s called TIME.

Oh and I almost forgot, The Suburbs is still in the Billboard Top 200, 7 months after its release, in front of a couple of under unknowns, like Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift and Avenged Sevenfold, but who cares, you probably have never heard of them either.

Now one thing the general public needs to understand too, is that the award goes to the best ALBUM, and not the album that contains the songs most played on Sirius satellite radio. I’ve listened to all the albums nominated yesterday, except for Lady Antebellum’s and I can say that anyone who says Gaga deserved the award is completely wrong. If anyone should’ve won instead of AF, it’s Katy Perry, that brought a new flavor to pop music with her album Teenage Dream (allright, Firework will be the exception). The Suburbs is a masterpiece in terms of harmony and connectivity between the 16 tracks it features. Listening to it from the start to the end is an experience, which The Fame Monster IS NOT !

People need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that there is more to music than Justin Beiber and Madonna’s doppelganger otherwise known as Lady Gaga. If your musical knowledge is limited to MTV’s Top 10, then it’s time for you to start listening to real music or stop posting hateful comments about a band that your retarded selfish person has never heard of, even less listened to. Many people that I will describe as more open-minded than others, RT’ed one of Kanye West’s tweet from last night, which went like this: “#Arcade fire!!!!!!!!!! There is hope!!! I feel like we all won when something like this happens! FUCKING AWESOME!”. If someone like Kanye, who usually has a pretty strong and open opinion about everything, dares to say something like that, maybe Arcade Fire’s win isn’t such a fiasco after all… but that’s for you guys to judge.

Congratulations to the Grammys for seeing past record sales, and finally, congratulations to the Arcade Fire for their win and one of the most genuine award-speech ever.

Stats that’ll change the way you (maybe) think about social media


Carl Rousseau from CabTV showed me this video about social media the other day. I thought I knew a lot about all of this, but this video has stats that’ll blow your mind. Good video to show your parents if they still don’t have a clue what YouTube is.

Surface film

One of my friend Tweeted this student movie yesterday and I was really amazed by it. The movie is called Surface, and it was directed by Varathit Uthaisri, a graduating student from Parsons School of Design in New York as part of his thesis project. The movie really reminded me of a sick ad for Fox about Nascar.
The movie is really clever, and has a good rhythm throughout with a cool climax at the end. Check out the website also, there is a whole section about the creative process as well as the production which is super interesting.

It’s that time of the year again: NAB 2009 !

As anyone working in the media domain, I’m truly excited to hear about everything new that will be launched in Las Vegas this year, during the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters). The trade show will go on until April 23rd. Conferences have already started, but the exhibits (what I want to hear about !) are starting on Monday.
I’ll be updating often during those 3 days, because I’m on the look out for a couple of products. I’m a new owner of Panasonic’s HMC-150, and the workflow with Final Cut Pro pretty much sucks right now. Apple is rumored to launch Final Cut Studio 3, with AVCHD support and Blu-Ray authoring, which would make my life much better !
Anyway, check often for updates. You can follow NAB updates realtime on Twitter !