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The Olympic vibe coming to an end

Wow, what an amazing two weeks. Rarely have I watched that much TV in the last 6-7 years. And of course, what a way to end this show ! One of the greatest hockey games ever, with an average TV audience of 16.6 million viewers in Canada, and 27.6 million viewers in the USA. Crosby, once again, proves he is the sport’s greatest athlete, with an epic overtime winning goal. But, what makes my stokeness level go sky high is the fact that we are now the country with the highest number of gold medals in the history of the Olympic Games, and that we achieved this on home soil. GO CANADA !

Enough about sports and back to what this blog is supposed to be. I finally found the Buick ad I was looking for since day one of the Games. It is called Behind the Beauty, and it was directed by Mathew Cullen at Motion Theory. Once again, MTh proves why they’re probably the Sydney Crosby of mograph and compositing. The visual is slick and the spot is gorgeous.

So once again, congrats to all (well, most of…) the advertisers for giving us quality commercials during the whole games and making these 2-minute breaks in the middle of the action of the gold medal game more than bearable.

Sydney’s golden moment

Buick Behind the Beauty


Olympics advertising part 2

After some intensive web searches, I was able to find pretty much everything I wanted concerning the Olympic ads. First off, the Superbodies reports from GE. Wow ! I don’t even want to know the bill for those, because the production is insane and the CGI is super well done too. There are about a dozen different each more interesting and crispy looking than the other. They’re all on the CTV website.

Then the Royal Canadian Mint “A Moment in Every Coin” is another Olympic ad that is incredible. The concept is intelligent, the editing is on-point and the overall production just looks fantastic.

Another good find, via Olivier Languedoc, is the Proctor & Gamble “Kids” ad. Great emotion, clever idea, great production, thumbs up !

Still no luck for the Buick ad with the figure skater though, I’m still looking. UPDATE: I finally found the Rona commercial with the measuring tape. Julie Seidel, director of external communications at Rona, was kind enough to link me to Rona’s Olympic website. The ad is there: https://www.2010vancouver.rona.ca/

A Moment in Every Coin

Superbodies “Moguls”

P&G “Kids”

Advertisers going strong during Olympics

First off, let me take the time to congratulate Alex Bilodeau for his gold medal in Ski moguls ! Allright, let me talk about the ads now. I’ve spotted a couple of really good ads, but I’m unfortunately unable to find links to them. One of them that I managed to find though is perhaps my favorite: the GE “Say Ahh” commercial. The concept is simple, yet the idea is brilliant and they managed to get some very good looking production with this.

Then, for those I can’t find, there’s the Canadian Mint ad, where they mix the construction process of the mint and the Olympic disciplines. There’s also the Buick ad where the figure skater merges with the car which is also amazing. If anyone can find these ads, please post links in the comments.

One campaign I’m really happy to see once again is the Newfoundland-Labrador one, which I wanted to blog-post before but forgot to. This campaign is strictly pristine cinematography, but they’ve done such a good job at achieving this that it makes me want to go there for my summer vacations. The images are unbelievable.

And the last thing that I can’t find, because I just can’t remember the name of it, are the different reports of bio-mechanics for each sport that are broadcasted from time to time during the Olympics. The production value is incredible, it’s instructive and makes you want to learn more about every single inch of your body.

Anyway, if anyone can help me find those missing ads/reports, please post them in the comments.

Vancouver is closing in !

In less than 6 weeks, Vancouver will be hosting the Winter Olympic Games, and the excitement he starting to be felt even here on the East Coast, 5000km away. Of course, every single brand is using this opportunity to advertise like crazies, and I must say that some ads are really good. Up to now, 2 of them really stood out for me. The first one is Nike’s “Force Fate” with a bunch of athletes like Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf (who has not made the Canadian hockey team…? Are you kidding me ?). Except for the part of the wolves which I absolutely don’t understand, I felt like the ad really delivered it’s message and the script and cinematography was great.

The second one originated in 2002 for Salt Lake City, but I didn’t see it (or maybe didn’t notice it) back then. And unfortunately, after almost an hour of looking everywhere for it, I still can’t find the updated version I saw at the AMC theater. The ad is “He shoots, he scores” from Coca-Cola, produced by Spy Films (i think). This ad has such a fun and intense vibe, it really just makes you want to go out there and play hockey, and I’m not even a hockey player. Plus, the celtic soundtrack just gives me shivers it’s so good. If anyone knows the name of the song, please post it in the comments, and there is a guy on Yahoo Answers who is looking for it too. You can check out the old, extra crappy quality version of this ad below.

UPDATE: I have found a good quality version of the new ad on Youtube, thanks to Ads of the World for this !