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Art & Copy

I’ve been wanting to check out this documentary for a while now, so I decided to get it on the iTunes Store tonight. Rarely do you have the chance to watch or read in-depth interviews with the big players in the advertising business, but this movie gathers a lot of them and gets their honest opinion out of them. I especially liked George Lois’ bold statements and borderline-arrogant personality, which shows us that creative people don’t have to be pretentious hipster artists who think they’re too good for normal people to understand them, as we see way too often these days. Dan Wieden, Jeff Goodby, Mary Wells and Hal Riney are just a few of the top agency directors that give their insight on the ad business.

The movie explores some of the biggest and most successful campaigns, like I want my MTV, Got Milk ?, Apple’s Think Different, Nike’s Just Do It and a bunch of others that have shaped advertising’s young but exciting history. At times I felt like there was maybe too much glorification of the people interviewed, but let’s face it, they are the business’ greatest, so why not throw flowers at them !

If you have any interest in advertising and marketing, and I guess you do if you’re reading this blog, take 90 minutes of your time to watch this great piece of documentary film. It is well directed and the interviews are genuinely interesting. It’s worth your time.


Sid Lee shows once again why they’re one of the best with Adidas

Wieden+Kennedy unleashed a viral tsunami when they released Nike’s Write the Future ad for the upcoming world cup. So, it was only a matter of time before Adidas counter-attacked with Sid Lee, probably one of the most creative agencies ever to come out of the province of Quebec.

Going in a totally other way, Sid Lee partnered with Partizan and The Mill, two huge players in the production and post-production domain, to create a remix of the Star Wars’ bar scene. The ad, or should I call it a short-film, features Beckham, Daft Punk, Noel Gallagher, Snoop Dogg and bunch of other celebrities. The compositing of the original Star Wars images with the images they recreated is really a thing of beauty. The lighting is perfectly similar and the color grading makes the fusion of the footage seemless. The script and scenario are funny and fresh and make you want to look at this ad over and over.

One thing I have to point out, is that The Mill was in charge of post-production on both this, AND Nike’s Write the Future. I don’t know how they managed to do that, but there must have been a lot of coffee and Red Bull drank at their offices in the last months. Huge props to them.

So, the battle is on between Adidas and Nike, who’ll get the most views by the end of the world cup…

Motion Theory will always amaze me: Tanqueray – Resist Simple

If there’s one thing I like in video production, it is definitely motion design mixed with beautiful live action. And, Motion Theory’s last spot, for Wieden+Kennedy, is exactly that.
The cinematography is incredibly well directed, and the graphics, even though not predominant, enhance the video greatly. And on top of that, the concept and story telling are super clever.
It was directed by Mathew Cullen and Jesus de Francisco, two all-star directors from MT, who directed legendary spots like Bud’s “Just a Game“, Nike’s “Presto” and Honda’s “All in One Place“.
I was craving for some work from Motion Theory, since they didn’t release anything really since the Prince spot, and I was well served !

Target once again, with the Black Eyed Peas

I can’t believe I still can’t find this in full quality anywhere on the web. I was just watching So You Think You Can Dance when this new Target ad started, and I was instantly hooked. It’s a commercial to promote the sale of the Black Eyed Peas‘ new album, The E.N.D.

The art direction is so good and the rhythm and pacing of the editing is great. There are some super clever tricks also with Will.i.am’s hat with the target logo and much more. I have no clue who did the ad, but I guess it’s either Wieden+Kennedy or BBDO since they are the two agencies managing the advertising for Target in the U.S. I’ll try to find a better version of the ad, but for now, here’s the only place you’ll see it: Target

UPDATE: Here’s a quality version at last !!